Christopher J. Burke

Christopher J. Burke

Co-Founder / Managing Director

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Michael D. Wik

Michael D. Wik

Co-Founder / Managing Director

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Kimberly L. Lundgren

Kimberly L. Lundgren

Director of Operations / Chief Compliance Officer

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Todd C. Glover

Director of Research

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Joanne Malone

Client Reporting Manager

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Christopher J. Burke, Co-Founder / Managing Director

Chris is one of the firm’s founders. He and Mike Wik make up the firm’s Investment Committee, which is responsible for all investment decisions relating to client portfolios. In addition, Chris manages all client service activities of the firm including new client development. Chris is also responsible for all real estate investment activities of the firm.

Chris has over 35 years investment experience in a variety of asset classes serving both high net worth and institutional clientele. Previous to starting Matrix Capital Advisors, Chris spent four years as a Managing Director with a Chicago-based wealth management firm where he directed the investment advisory and alternative investment groups. In that role, Chris oversaw the management of client portfolios, and he directed all real estate investment activities for the firm. Prior to that, as a Senior Vice President, he spent 12 years with Jones Lang LaSalle, the international real estate investment firm, providing real estate investment services to high net worth and institutional clients throughout the United States. Chris’s real estate activities included both private and public market experience across all property types and included the firm’s first international investments in Europe. Chris began his investment career with Aetna Life and Casualty in the Employee Benefits Division in Hartford, CT, and subsequently in Chicago, IL.

Chris is a graduate of Bowdoin College with a Bachelors of Arts degree in Economics.
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Michael D. Wik, Co-Founder / Managing Director

Mike is one of the firm's founders. He heads the Investment Committee, which is responsible for all investment decisions relating to client portfolios. In addition, Mike serves as the portfolio manager, overseeing day-to-day trading activity, manager due diligence, and selecting and implementing tactical changes in asset allocation and manager allocations.

Mike has over 20 years experience in investments and financial services. Before starting Matrix Capital Advisors, Mike spent eight and a half years with Huizenga Capital Management ("HCM"), the investment management and family office organization of the Huizenga family, founders of Waste Management Inc. At HCM, Mike directed public securities investments as well as private placement activity. Prior to HCM, Mike worked for a Michigan-based financial planning firm and had financial analyst positions with Greyhound Corporation and Ryder Systems.

Mike is a graduate of Marquette University with a BA degree in Finance, as well as an MBA from the University of Detroit. He has earned the CFA designation.
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Kimberly L. Lundgren, Director of Operations / Chief Compliance Officer

Kim joined Matrix in July 2013 as an Office Manager. In January 2014 she became the firm's Operations Manager and handled daily account reconciliation, monthly client reporting, office administration and assisted with firm compliance. In January 2015, Kim became the Firm's Director of Operations and Chief Compliance Officer. She oversees client account administration, firm operations and firm compliance.

Kim previously worked at C.W. Henderson & Associates, a Chicago-based fixed income investment advisory firm, where she served as the Assistant Vice President of Administration.

Kim holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Management and Marketing from Barat College in Lake Forest, IL. She has also earned a Master of Business Administration degree from Lake Forest Graduate School of Management in Chicago, Illinois.
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Todd C. Glover, Director of Research

Todd joined Matrix in October of 2017 as a Client Reporting Associate responsible for back office operations. He oversaw daily account reconciliation, monthly client reporting, tax reporting, and assisted with trading, portfolio rebalancing, and performance evaluation of current and prospective managers and funds for the Investment Committee.

As Director of Research Todd is responsible for all aspects of the investment process including sourcing new investments, monitoring existing managers/investments as well as authoring and presenting due diligence reports to the Investment Committee and clients. Additionally, he is tasked with leading idea generation and strategic research for new investments, asset classes, and tactical investment opportunities. Todd also participates in client portfolio management assisting in the construction, modeling and monitoring process.

Todd came to Matrix from Strategic Capital Investment Advisors where he was a Senior Investment Analyst conducting performance analysis and research for institutional defined benefit and defined contribution plans. Previously, he worked as a Performance Analyst at Lowery Asset Consulting, an investment consulting firm; and had a prior stint with Matrix where he administered the conversion of the firm’s performance software.

Todd holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance from The University of Illinois at Chicago and is a Level III Candidate in the CFA Program.
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Joanne Malone, Client Reporting Manager

Joanne Malone joined Matrix in November of 2018 and is responsible for daily account reconciliations, monthly client reporting and assists with trading.

Joanne previously spent 8 years working for a Chicago-based investment advisory firm where she was responsible for client reporting, portfolio implementation and trading. Prior to that, she was the head of Credit Administration for the Chicago branch of the Union Bank of Switzerland.

Joanne holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Business Administration from Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan.
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