Investment Philosophy

Keeping your assets invested through market cycles is critical to long-term superior investment performance. At Matrix, we construct portfolios that allow clients to maintain their asset allocation during difficult markets because forced selling is rarely a good decision.

We diversify portfolios across a broad spectrum of asset classes using a variety of strategies and structures. Alternative investments, whether hedge funds or private partnerships, are an integral part of most client portfolios. We pay special attention to the correlation between asset classes and strategies, recognizing that a multi-strategy portfolio with low correlation between asset classes will usually lower overall portfolio volatility and increase expected returns.

All Matrix portfolios have a strong income/yield orientation, be it from coupon payments, dividends, royalty interest, or net lease payments. Current return is an essential element to our portfolio construction and risk management philosophy.

Portfolio Management

Pro-active professionals driven by what is in the best interest of each client.

Matrix is an active manager, meaning we constantly monitor client portfolios and tactically adjust them to reflect changing market conditions, client needs, and available opportunities. Portfolio management is more than just what financial instruments you own. We take into consideration your tax situation, estate planning, and charitable goals.

Alternative Investments

We use alternative investments such as hedge funds, partnerships, and limited liability companies, because we feel they can provide access to the best ideas and the most specialized opportunities in the investment world. Alternatives have been part of our lexicon since day one, as they allow us to exploit the best investment opportunities available and to participate in investment opportunities that have fleeting availability.

Manager Selection

Clients tell us their relationship with their Matrix manager matters the most.

The cornerstone of the investment management process is manager selection, a process that is part science and part discovery. Matrix believes a good manager must be a specialist in its asset class, have a proven track record of effectively managing risk in down markets, add incremental value above passive alternatives, and be significantly co-invested with us. We develop close relationships with our managers to promote a free flow of information so as to quickly ascertain changes in strategy, personnel, or market conditions that might require a tactical move.

Accessing elite managers is challenging. In some cases, Matrix may create entities to capitalize on opportunities or strategies that are not being offered in the market or in a cost-effective manner.

Administrative Services

Matrix works with all of your advisors to ensure that nothing is missed.

We provide our clients with an extensive network of legal, tax, and insurance specialists. To help you maintain a clear understanding of your financial net-worth, we work closely with your advisors and provide monthly reports, including assets not under Matrix’s advisory. We facilitate timely delivery of all tax-related materials to your accountant each quarter and we collect all tax-related documents for your Matrix investments. We ensure your estate planning documents are current and maintain a secure database of your important documents, including wills, trusts, insurance policies and more. We coordinate regular reviews of insurance coverage, organize your annual exclusion gifts, collect receipts and prepare distribution reports for charitable trusts.